Life Stories + Care & Support  =  Impact

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Urban Family Village Stories


Big Mama & Me

Big Mama:  Pain and joy have gone hand and hand in my life. The agony of my daughter's addiction hurts my heart, though I love the presence of my grandson.


He's a kind boy, tries well in school, I pray the negativity surrounding us does not drive him toward the streets like his daddy. It's hard enough trying to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. I lost my job amidst the COVID pandemic. Finding resources for my grandson and me has been toughHe is in a mentor group at his school in Skyway with the Urban Family. Urban Family has been a blessing and has helped me through their Family Support paying for two months of rent, utilities, and even food.  

Me: It's just me and Big Mama in her 1 Bedroom Apartment.  She's taking care of me until my mom gets well from being sick. My dad just got out of prison and I'm going to live with him when he gets a job and his own place.  I am a part of one of Urban Family's Youth Programs in Skyway.  It's fun and my Mentor is cool.  They help me with my homework and help us get summer jobs. We also do fun things together like play basketball and go on field trips.


Disclaimer: The stories used on this page are based on true events. To give dignity and respect to our youth & families we have kept their identity anonymous.


Lost Boy in the Hood

Lost Boy:  My mom kicked me out of the house for good this time.  She said unless I follow her rules I can't live with her and my little sister.  She said the manager was going to kick us out if I cause any more problems.  I don't have a good relationship with my dad because of how he treats my mom.  I am angry at my mom and dad.  I was homeless for a while and even fell asleep at the park one time, it was really cold.  I stay with the homies sometimes, it's cool but I don't feel safe all the time.  I carry my heat (gun) to protect myself.  My homies look up to me when I got my heat, they think I'm crazy, sometimes they are right.

One day I was in the hood with my heat and some trouble jumped off and I got ready to protect the hood, then I saw my mentor (Urban Family Staff) in the hood, and he asked me to jump into his car so I can calm down, I did and we drove off safely and left the hood to get something to eat.  He said he was concerned with the Neighborhood Safety in my apartments and my safety too.  My mentor hooked me up with a room at a hotel (Youth Programs & Family Support) until I can get on my feet and get a job, I'm just glad I have a place to sleep tonight.