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Family Support Services

Family 360 is a family-centered, strengths-based program that provides youth and their families with basic needs and follow-up support to help families secure needed resources, systems navigation, advocacy, and empowerment coaching to sustain positive gains and changes.  In addition, Family 360 includes a strong community support component giving families access to a variety of service providers through Urban Family's extended network of community partners. 

At Urban Family, we know that youth run away from home for a variety of reasons and may experience periods of homelessness after running away. Many of these youth become exposed to a variety of traumatic situations and participate in unsafe activities, placing them at serious risk for negative outcomes.


Urban Family provides programs and offers services that address their individual life situations. We serve youth and young adults who are:

  • Experiencing homelessness

  • Runaways

  • Couch surfing or experiencing housing insecurity

Supporting Homeless Youth

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