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Urban Family provides community safety support to schools, apartment complexes, local businesses, and neighborhoods experiencing increased acts of violence and community safety issues.  Our mission is to restore a sense of safety by co-creating community safety for all residents.     

       KEY FOCUS

  • Neighborhood Safety   

  • Crisis Response & Safety Support

  • Community Safety Events 

  • Strategic & Tactical Safety Training & Planning 



The Seattle Community Safety Initiative

(SCSI) is a Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Initiative co-created by grassroots BIPOC community leaders from the following CBOs - Urban Family, Community Passageways, SE Network Boys & Girls Club, and the Seattle YMCA. 


SCSI focuses on increasing community safety for youth and families in targeted neighborhoods through a Safety Hub Model strategically located in SE Seattle, Central District, and West Seattle.   

About School Safety

"Urban Family has proven to fill this need, above and beyond what we initially envisioned, with their skill, care, and joy for our students, families, and staff. The multiple complementary resources Urban Family provides reach so many levels of support within systems and spaces in our school community."


Caine Lowry | Principal Aki Kurose Jr High


Regional Peace Keepers Collective is a King County Community Violence Intervention initiative that serves Skyway-Renton, Kent, Burien, Tukwila, and Federal Way.

Urban Family leads the Skyway-Renton Safety Hub providing community violence intervention programs and services.

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