KEY FOCUS

  • Neighborhood Safety Patrols  

  • Crisis Response & Safety Training

  • Community Building Events 

  • Strategic & Tactical Safety Planning 

Neighborhood 360

Safety & Well-being 

Neighborhood 360 is a neighborhood safety program that focuses on creating a healthy environment for youth and families to thrive by building neighborhoods that are connected, safe, and cared for.  Specializing in culturally competent safety for black and brown communities. 


Citywide Safety 

Peace Streets is a summer safety initiative that focuses on increasing safety in targeted black and brown neighborhoods in Seattle. Activities include community connection events, hotspot safety pop-ups, and regular neighborhood safety patrols.  Peace Streets is a part of the Seattle Community Safety Initiative which is a partnership with Urban Family, Community Passageways, Seattle YMCA, Boys & Girls Club of King County, and the City of Seattle.