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Parallel Lines

       KEY FOCUS

  • Neighborhood Safety Patrols  

  • Crisis Response & Safety Teams

  • Community Safety Building Events 

  • Strategic & Tactical Safety Training & Planning 

Urban Family, one of four BIPOC-led community service agencies founded the initiative to enhance neighborhood safety, restore community connections, and provide resources for self-sufficiency. SCSI primarily supports youth and families affected by violence in their community, providing safety measures, resource navigation assistance, and support for schools, neighborhoods, and local businesses.

The Seattle Community Safety Initiative (SCSI) is a community-based network that supports law enforcement policing in localized Seattle areas.

Citywide Safety 

Peace Streets is a summer safety initiative that focuses on increasing safety in targeted black and brown neighborhoods in Seattle. Activities include community connection events, hotspot safety pop-ups, and regular neighborhood safety patrols.  Peace Streets is a part of the Seattle Community Safety Initiative which is a partnership with Urban Family, Community Passageways, Seattle YMCA, Boys & Girls Club of King County, and the City of Seattle.

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