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Programs for Life

We empower youth with the tools and confidence to thrive academically and socially. Dedicated mentors provide individualized support, social and emotional coping skills, navigate critical life transitions, and foster essential life skills.

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Group Mentorship &   1 on 1 Life Coaching

Mentors 360 is a school-based group mentorship and life coaching program that focuses on building a web of care and support around youth, empowering them to develop their full potential and to give back to their community.

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  • Weekly Mentor Groups

  • Mentor Life Coaching

  • Recreation & Educational Support

  • Life Skills & Experiential Learning 

Sports-Based Mentorship

School-Based Mentorship Groups


Sports and Mentorship

Game 360 Sports is a program that combines elite sports training, team competition, group mentorship and life coaching to give student-athletes a holistic sports development experience.


  • Sports Training 

  • Mentor Life Coaching

  • Player and Student Development

  • Camps and Competitions

Community-Based Mentorship Groups
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Leadership and Advocacy

LEADERSHIP 360 is a student leadership and advocacy program that develops students through civic engagement and creative advocacy.  LEADERSHIP 360 helps youth to become leaders, mentors, and role models in socially challenging environments. Youth design, plan, and implement social justice projects on issues that directly impact youth.

 KIDS 360
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Youth 360 - Elementary Program: is an after-school program located onsite at Cambell Hill & Lakeridge Elementary in the Skyway-West Hill community. Youth 360 focuses on social and emotional learning through a variety of enrichment, recreational, and educational activities for school-age youth.

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